Pembury product design for your ideas

Pembury offers a full design service to bring your ideas to life, bringing together expertise from engineers, creatives and administrators. Our goal is to bring together all of your ideas to develop a commercially viable and profitable product.

Cutting edge or classic?

Pembury not only works with technology based products, we also bring together classic design ideas to be re-invented for modern products.

Putting design to work
Our locally based staff work closely with our overseas factories to ensure that your design can be produced to specification, budget and deadline.

PR and Marketing

Using our in-house PR and marketing team, we can liaise with the the media for you, making sure that your new product is seen and heard.
Using our copywriting service, we can write and proof read your documentation. We offer English, French, German, Spanish and Italian copywriting.

Client Friendly

Our clients come to us to give vision and clarity to their ideas. Good design takes time, and our friendly team will work with you to make your product a success.

New idea, no idea?

Whatever your idea, we can talk you through the options available to bringing it to the market.

Using our experience of the marketplace, we can advise on the best route to getting your product on sale, in the shortest time.

We liaise with factories at an early stage of the design process, ensuring all elements of your product can be quickly and reliably manufactured.